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Mae Klong  Railway Market  20190302-_DSC9689.jpg

When I was in Thailand in March 2019 I wanted to go photograph the Mae Kong Railway Market, which is this astonishing daily phenomenon in the Samut Songkhram Province, a few hours by car southeast of Bangkok. I’d seen videos of the train coming through, and the sellers quickly packing up the market, pulling everything back, and getting out of the way when the very-regular train comes through. I’d seen many great pictures of that, so I knew I wasn’t getting anything new when I took a few pictures of the train coming through. I waited for the next one to try once again and just before the train came I looked behind me, and realized that was the shot. I found the people positioned to get their own photographs of the train coming through far more interesting than the train itself, which has been so well documented, hence the title "Perspective."

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