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This is the first, and the prototype, for a series tentatively called "Windows." I collect old windows and when I can, I get the story on where they are from. I think about the lives that have been lived behind them and the sights seen through them. I also have observed a lot of rooms that could benefit from a window and a view where there isn't or can't be one. The images in this piece are interchangeable, so if the current view east of Oatman, Arizon doesn't stir one's soul, it could be a beach or a farm or snowy mountains. The images slide in and out from the back. Each piece is unique. This window was from a home in Freedom, NY.


The image that is currently in the Window was taken last November on my way east for Thanksgiving dinner. I'd just passed through Oatman, Arizona en route to the Grand Canyon and came upon this otherworldly view.

Lightbox & 2 images, $1,500.00

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