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New Record, Satisfaction Garage to be released August 27, 2020

Hi friends, I’m happy to announce that Satisfaction Garage will be released digitally world-wide on August 27. Stay tuned for pre-sale details and more. Satisfaction Garage was Produced by Nick Blaglona (RIP, buddy). Nick did a brilliant job on this record and saved the day as he always did.

More about the cover concept and the recording in a blog post I’m writing and will post soon.

The track list is:

1. Clothes On Yo Back 2. Kitchen 3. Ugly In All The Right Places 4. Waiting on You 5. True Love 6. Let it Go 7. Move Along 8. One Stone at a Time 9. Do You 10. Endless Seas 11. Flaw of Averages

I can’t wait to share this record with you.

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